Open-source Software & Datasets

Open-source software

I develop and maintain several scientific software related to robotics. They are all open-source, usually under a permissive license (often BSD).

The projects listed on this page the one I consider the more useful to a community. Check my GitHub page for the complete list of my other software projects.


MORSE is an generic simulator for academic robotics. It focuses on realistic simulation of small to large environments, indoor or outdoor, with one to over a dozen of autonomous robots.

We created the project in 2007 with Arnaud Degroote, and since then, 40 people from more than 15 institution worldwide have contributed. With Gazebo, it is today one of the major open-source robotic simulators.

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pyRobots is a toolkit for the high-level programming of interactive robots in Python. It provides a set of Python decorators to easily turn standard functions into background tasks which can be cancelled at anytime and to make your controller aware of the hardware resource (for instance, to ensure two tasks are not controlling the same motor at the same time).

It also provides a event-based mechanism to monitor specific conditions and asynchronously trigger actions.

It finally provides a library of convenient tools to manage poses in a uniform way (quaternions, Euler angles and 4D matrices, I look at you) and to interface with existing middlewares (ROS, naoqi, aseba...).

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Open Datasets

Some of the children in the PInSoRo dataset


The PInSoRo dataset (also known as the Freeplay-sanbox dataset) is a large, open-data dataset of child-child and child-robot interactions.

120 children were recorded while freely playing with a peer or with a robot, for a total of 45+ hours of RGB-D, audio and interaction data. Besides, the recordings are annotated with 115000+ social behaviours including constructs like solitary vs cooperative play, prosocial vs adversarial behaviours, etc.

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